Monday, June 30, 2008

Now We're on Fire

The past few days have been very surreal with all the smoke in the air. The SF sky has been red and orange during the day. I think the last count is that there are more than 1400 wildfires burning in California.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is There Any Good News Out There?

Seems like one of those days when you can't turn the news off fast enough. The Governor of California has declared the state is in a drought (we only get an average of 10 to 20 inches a year so duh) and wants people to cut back on water use. So far the request is minimal and really should be the norm - no washing the sidewalks, no over watering the lawn, fix any plumbing leaks, make sure the laundry machine is full before running, shorten the time you spend in the shower and so on - simple enough.

So what's the rest of the bad news. There seems to be no alternative to oil and all you hear about is outrageously high food prices and I don't mean here - but in places where people are so close to the edge that a few extra dollars means food becomes completely unaffordable. Millions of people are close to starvation.

Big earthquakes, cyclones followed by famine and 'the war' with no end in sight - eternally depressing and sad.

And to top it all off (no comparison to the afore mention disasters and tragedy), we were practically attacked today by the most aggressive SF meter man I've ever encountered. He kept reciting over and over that he had warned us, he knows the law, he follows the law and that there is no way the wheels of the car should touch the sidewalk (even though we were in a driveway).

Ah, but I rant on... so here's the good news - meter maniac relented on the $100 ticket. So maybe I turn the news on tomorrow to hear the war is over, that someone has discovered an alternative to oil and that world famine has come to an end.