Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging for Dollars on PayPerPost

Reading through someone's blog a few months back I came across a 'sponsored post' and found the blogger was affiliated with a company called PayPerPost. Excited by the idea that there was an easier way to earn income with my own blog (besides the odd bit of change here and there from Google Adsense) I decided to sign up. The criteria to qualify was fairly straight forward, your blog needed to be older than 90 days, have at least 20 posts and not have more than 30 days in between posts.

I was a little short on posts but motivation to have my blog accepted got me writing more frequently. My blog was accepted earlier this month and I wrote my first sponsored post last week. I'm not quitting my day job (yet) but it is surprising how those little bits of extra income add up (I know this from my affiliate marketing websites) until suddenly you've earned a few hundred dollars or more in the month.

I know some people get their fur up if you mention paid blogging, but hey, magazines and newspapers run advertorials so I ask what's the difference as long as you are disclosing that the post has been sponsored (required by PayPerPost). Also, you get to choose who or what you write about, so if you're not interested in the topic or the product, skip to the next opportunity.

Once you've found an opportunity that you like and your blog meets all the requirements, you reserve it and start writing. Advertisers will usually request specific text or blog ads be linked back to their site. If you enjoy blogging this is the perfect way to earn extra income.

The Kitty is Using My Laptop as a La-Z-Boy Chair

We were just about to sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner when I looked over to see that our new kitten had converted my laptop into a lounge chair. I guess a warm computer was the perfect spot on a cold day.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Ultimate Tool Cabinet

I nearly killed myself the other day trying to get some recycling into the recycling bin. The reason why; my landlord's sons have gone car crazy over the last few years and now have tools strewn everywhere in the garage. I sent them some information on tool cabinets as a hint to get the place organized before someone gets hurt or tools get lost. It's an odd shaped garage but on this site, www.carguygarage.com, I found a choice of small wheeled tool boxes, built in cabinets, or, if needed, they can custom build cabinets in any size and color.

this post is sponsored by: www.carguygarage.com

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Does Anyone Know How to Cook This Dang Turkey?

Every year it seems there is someone in our group of friends, who gather for Thanksgiving dinner, that knows how to cook a turkey - but this year the job goes to me. I realize as I wake up and get ready for the day that I've never actually cooked a turkey before, plenty of chickens, but never a turkey. I think of all the tips I've been given by friends and strangers over the years, brine the turkey (no time, we're picking it up later today), cook it breast side down for the first hour, put stuffing between the skin and the breast meat, cook it slow, cook it fast, wow, this could be one awful bird. I found a few great tips on how to speed up the cooking of your turkey and this information on how long to actually cook the turkey:

Weight: 8-10lb (3.5-4.5 kg)
Start at 425F/220C/ for 30 mins
Turn oven down to 325F/170C/ and cook for 2.5 - 3 hours
Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/ for 30 min

Weight: 12-14lb (6-7kg)

Start at 425F/220C/ for 40 min
Turn oven down to 325F/170C/ and cook for 3.5 hrs
Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/ for 35 min

Weight: 15-20lb (7-9 kg)

Start at 425F/220C/ for 45 mins
Turn oven down to 325F/170C/ and cook for 4-5 hours
Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/ for 40 min

Sounds easy enough, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Another tip: allow at least 20 minutes for the turkey to rest before carving.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Gift Boxes: Death by Chocolate

It seems like the holiday season kicks off earlier and earlier each year. This year those carved pumpkins forgotten on front porches haven't even begun to rot and boom, trees are being decorated around the city, holiday banners are aloft. And maybe the first thoughts of a holiday shopping list are forming in your brain...

While gift baskets can be tacky, there are plenty of other amazing food gifts to be had. I'm exploring zChocolat this year, hand made chocolates from France. This company uses the top regional French chocolatiers and high quality ingredients (pure cocoa) to make their chocolates. Plus they offer gift boxes made of mahogany which can also be engraved with your message, leaving a memorable keepsake after the chocolates are gone. zChocolat ships everything 2nd day air and they have a money back guarantee. Need more holiday food gift ideas?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What an Oily Mess!

The most puzzling thing is the seeming inaction from the authorities in charge. I don't know anything about cleaning up an oil spill but if a ship is leaking bunker oil wouldn't it make sense to launch a huge emergency cleanup campaign at that moment, not wait hours until the oil slick has moved on, drifting up the coast, uncontained? That seems to be what has happened in the San Francisco bay area with the Cosco-Busan spill. And now we are hearing reports about the devastation to the local wildlife, especially migrating birds. For those wanting to volunteer, there is more information on the Oiled Wildlife Care Network website.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oil Spill on the San Francisco Bay

At first everyone wondered if the Bay Bridge was ok? The major artery between SF and the east bay was hit by a huge freighter yesterday. But now we know the bridge is ok but the bay itself is not. The SF Chronicle reports that 58,000 gallons of the nastiest type of fuel oil has spilled into the bay. The smell is so bad in some places people (that work near the water) left work early. But the most depressing news is the unknown devastation this may cause to the marine animals and plants around the bay and up the coast - wherever this nasty stuff drifts.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Burn Baby Burn!

Our fire pit, the 35" Urban Elite, arrived just in time for fall. It's sitting in the backyard between the new garden benches, freshly assembled and unused. We were so excited we ran out and paid too much for a box of wood. We needed something to burn (I'm looking around the neighborhood for fallen branches), something to flame up, to dance around, to sit around mesmerized, getting philosophical while staring at the embers. Aaahhhh, the firepit. It's really created a great outdoor space for us to enjoy.