Friday, February 9, 2007

More support needed for the Elderly

When you hear that an elderly man or woman has fallen and broken bones; usually a hip, it's a reminder that mobility and balance declines as we age. In San Francisco, it is not uncommon to see a fragile senior walking across the street. My heart goes out each time, especially when all alone and definitely needing some human assistance, care or interaction. The mixed message here is that many elderly people are lonely, especially if living alone, and with few family and friends to visit with. There are many fragile ones who should be using a rolling walker (a walker with wheels and 4 legs; not a cane.) I have seen too many old people hunched over, trying to cross a busy driving street (Van Ness Street) with impatient drivers ready to gun the gas as soon as a green light comes. This puts the elderly person in a very dangerous situation. The curbs with a cane can also be very dangerous, so can climbing up the stairs of a bus, without help. If you are young and able, take the time to be a loving person and offer your help.

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