Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer’s no fun for some wine retailers

If you’ve ever met a cranky entrepreneur, who happens to sell bottles, and cases of wine, and tasting flights, you might see if coincides with the summer. According to a number of cranky SF Bay Area wine retailers and even those who work in wineries, summer time sucks! Why you ask, especially with all of the tourists, spending money freely while enjoying their holiday?

Well they don’t. In fact, the summer crowd of tourist - generally with the whole family in tow - is more interested in finding good tourist information and figuring out where the best ice cream shop is for their kid than spending lots of money on wine.

No. The better time for our irritated wine industry retailers is definitely going to arrive soon. For the irritated merchants out there, just be patient. Soon kids will be back in school and then the more serious buyers will once again return.

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