Thursday, September 6, 2007

Attention Female Shopaholics

Over the Labor Day weekend we joined our friends at their barbeque, and to get to the point of the story, one of the guests did what we were all doing: writing whatever she felt on the paper table cloth. But, what struck me, was this one woman’s great enthusiasm, who after writing her choice words laughed, “viral marketing.” I asked her what her site was about and she replied an e-commerce site.

So over the weekend I proceeded to check out her written word, which was Wow, I thought, this is really something. Now, I find myself checking this website daily to see if there is something I need to buy.

To give you a nugget from their website, here it is:

What is it that you love about shopping? The thrill of discovery? Getting something special at a discount? The satisfaction of treating yourself to a small indulgence? is an every day shopping adventure dedicated to putting the joy back in shopping. We cut through the retail clutter and bring a highly edited and ever-changing showcase of products that are insanely useful, a fantastic value, or just downright fabulous.

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Lynda said...

Greetings! thanks SO much for this lovely post about Delight. It was great meeting you at the BBQ and I felt like the entire weekend I had gone back in time to a more slow and social just loved the swimming hole.