Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging for Dollars on PayPerPost

Reading through someone's blog a few months back I came across a 'sponsored post' and found the blogger was affiliated with a company called PayPerPost. Excited by the idea that there was an easier way to earn income with my own blog (besides the odd bit of change here and there from Google Adsense) I decided to sign up. The criteria to qualify was fairly straight forward, your blog needed to be older than 90 days, have at least 20 posts and not have more than 30 days in between posts.

I was a little short on posts but motivation to have my blog accepted got me writing more frequently. My blog was accepted earlier this month and I wrote my first sponsored post last week. I'm not quitting my day job (yet) but it is surprising how those little bits of extra income add up (I know this from my affiliate marketing websites) until suddenly you've earned a few hundred dollars or more in the month.

I know some people get their fur up if you mention paid blogging, but hey, magazines and newspapers run advertorials so I ask what's the difference as long as you are disclosing that the post has been sponsored (required by PayPerPost). Also, you get to choose who or what you write about, so if you're not interested in the topic or the product, skip to the next opportunity.

Once you've found an opportunity that you like and your blog meets all the requirements, you reserve it and start writing. Advertisers will usually request specific text or blog ads be linked back to their site. If you enjoy blogging this is the perfect way to earn extra income.

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