Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rebates on Real Estate Transactions up to $10,000 for Buyers and Sellers

Can you believe that there is any good news these days in the real estate world - but it's true. The North Idaho Rebates team gives buyers and sellers of real estate rebates of up to $10,000. Read through their FAQ page to answer many of your initial questions. The company that licenses the program is Cash Rewards Inc . They've been in business for over 10 years now and having heard about this I wanted to get the word out that the program works.

It would be fantastic if more realtors offered this program to buyers. How does it work? You as the buyer or seller work with Prestige Realty of North Idaho who works with Cash Rewards Inc. who manages the rewards program.

Here’s an example: a home's list or sale price is $290,000 and you buy through the North Idaho Rebate Team, you only end up buying the home for $280,000 because you can get up to $10,000 Rebate at Closing and 1 Year Home Warranty.

Their web site lists 5 simple steps to enroll in the cash rewards program:

1. Choose from ANY home listed on the market
2. Call The North Idaho Rebate Team to represent you as a buyer's agent in the transaction.
3. Upon completion of your real estate transaction(s), you will receive a cash rewards certificate from the North Idaho Rebate Team and a One Year Home Warranty on your home.
4. Mail your Cash Rewards Certificate as instructed.
5. Receive a check by mail when you redeem your certificate as instructed at the specified redemption date.

The second part of this program allows people who are selling their home to know that they will be paid a $3,000 rebate at closing and $10,000 rebate at closing if we don't sell their home in 65 days – how’s that for a guarantee?

More information on the program visit their site:

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