Monday, February 11, 2008

The Slowest Tacos in the West

We were on our way back from Tahoe the other day and ended up stopping at Grass Valley for a something to eat - something fast because we wanted to get home. The first thing we saw on Main street was a tacqueria - perfect!

Things went downhill from there. All my best efforts could not get the attention of the waitress. We ended up grabbing some menus and seating ourselves at one of the dirty tables. While perusing the menu I had time to survey the restaurant and realize how dire things really were. Even though there were only about 12 people in the restaurant, no one seemed to be getting any service - or food. A couple of people who had been waiting for food-to-go, finally left empty handed. The three people at the table across from us looked like they were sharpening their plastic knives in preparation for a revolt.

Finally the waitress arrived to take our order. 'We're in a hurry,' we told her. 'It's going to take awhile,' she advised us, 'some people have been waiting 20 minutes.' The optimist in me took hold and I went ahead and placed an order. I mean really, how long can it take for a couple of tacos?

A couple of bowls of chips and 20 minutes later we received a status report that it might be another 20 minutes. The odd plate of food was arriving at tables here and there - nothing together. One person at the table was eating while the others looked hungrily on. The waitress herself seemed to be advising us to bail and if we did she wouldn't even charge us for the coke.

We did and spent part of the drive back wondering - what was going on in that kitchen? Two cooks in the kitchen, yet no food seemed to ever appear? Mysterious.

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