Sunday, May 4, 2008

How to Prepare for an Earthquake.

Actually, any disaster that leaves you without communication, electricity and clean water for more that a day will need some preparedness. If you live in any part of the country that is hit with earthquakes, strong storms, flooding and so on, it is recommended that you be prepared to take care of yourself, loved ones and pets for at least 72 hours or until help arrives. Check out the site. They have plenty of great tips, plus lists of what you should have on hand.

I was wondering how much cash one should keep around and many say $200 - $400 is a good amount. You should also keep the money in a place you can remember (duh) - and if possible - have small denominations such as singles and fives. A stack of $20s is fine, but if no one has change, that's what you'll be paying for a bottle of water.

Another thing that came to mind during a lengthy power outage in January, was that even though we had water, coffee beans, a gas stove and a filter to drip the coffee - we had neglected to grind any additional beans the night before. There was enough for just one cup. Luckily, a neighbor had a hand grinder.

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