Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Thoughts on Being Earthquake Ready

I've looked over the lists on 72hours.org and I still have questions and thoughts. I think that there is no way to be ready for an earthquake since you just have no idea of when one will hit. But here are some more thoughts if one hits while you are sleeping. Do you sleep naked? If so, you may want to throw a set of clothes on the end of your bed and as well as a pair of slip on shoes under your bed (to assist in having to potentially navigate through broken window glass or other sharp objects). I also hang a wind up flashlight/radio combo on one of my bed posts and I have a knotted rope that I can throw out the window to reach the ground three stories below.

We recently added a huge first aid kit to the underside of the bed and nearby there is a phone that can be plugged into the phone line that needs no electricity. And I stocked up on canned beans (you should also have a manual can opener in the house if you want to open any cans without power).

Imagine yourself stuck in your apartment for 24 - 26 - 72 or more hours. Do you have some water? First aid stuff? Food? A radio to hear what is going on? Some vodka? Or any other necessary medication? Some cash (in various denominations)? Pet food (if you have a dog)? And so on. And so far this hasn't taken up much space.

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