Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Downloading Movies

I realize that many people would agree that Netflix is a fantastic service but I would have to disagree because I've found Ok, upon first glance you would say that the selection is not great - and it isn't, but it's been enough to satisfy my needs. And the reason I give movielink a high rating is that often I decide to rent a movie at the last minute and this has become not an easy thing to do. If you have 'pay per view' then you are set up to watch recently released movies (soon to be on DVD) but what if you are in the mood for something Spanish? or something independent? Yah, well best of luck. A recently flopped blockbuster - well it is probably on every 'pay per view' cable selection.

Movielink offers a purchase and rental option, old and new release, foreign and independent, documentary and gay or lesbian, tv series and free releases. You can download a movie in about 45 minutes and if there is a problem an online agent will correct it (or so they have with every issue I've had to date). And they were just bought by Blockbuster Video so the selections should get even better.

I actually have an option to rent movies at a DVD rental store in Lake County (in the town of Cobb) and I hope they will stay there forever (but the business is listed for sale). It brings me back - to what - 2000, when you could actually go the DVD rental store and pick something up. I ask the owner what he likes and he recommends the best of the latest. I miss that option (not available in the city as all my neighborhood movie rental stores have long closed) but the city does still plenty of great movie theaters, even better.

Anyway, if you aren't in a city with a great choice of movie theaters and if you want to watch a movie on short notice (and netflix has not yet arrived) then I recommend giving a try.

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