Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stainless Steel - A better choice for a water bottle

I'm also saying goodbye to all the plastic water bottles in my life and hello to stainless steel. The bottles run about $10 - $25, depending on their size. Why switch?

First, do you ever ask yourself where the water comes from? Apparently the tap water in San Francisco registers at a higher quality than much of the water you purchase in plastic bottles, that sometimes can cost two to three times the price of a gallon of gas.

Second, the environmental consequences of all those plastic bottles being made, traveling somewhere to be filled, traveling somewhere to sit on a shelf and then heading for recycling or landfill, is huge.

And last, what is leaching into the water you drink from plastic bottles? Maybe it's nothing but maybe...

So far the stainless steel bottles have been great. They are a bit harder to drink out of until you get the hang of them (at first they are like a giant dribble glass). I fill them up when I'm in Lake County, which has some of the best water in the state (I always see the Calistoga and other water trucks filling up) or filter water from the tap in San Francisco. I ordered 10 of them from Amazon and they arrived in about 3 days.

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